Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome Back !

On September 3rd, classes will meet with families at the 5:00 barbeque! We'll start with an introduction to our new staff members:

Dr. Mary Hall, Superintendent
Mrs. Debra Pankey, Principal and Special Education Director
Rick Mead, Special Education Teacher
Linda Rise, First Grade Teacher
Glenna Whitelaw, Fourth Grade Teacher
Christina Christopherson, 6-7-8 Math / Science Teacher

After introductions, we'll move to classroom presentation in two 15 minute rotations so you can attend two sessions if you need to.

Enjoy learning about our new staff and have great conversations.

Please consider joining our Parent Education Committee to offer more support for your school and your students.

As always, we so appreciate your input and attendance!

You make our school succeed!

See you there!

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