Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Notes

It's only November 6th, but we are busy!

Two students decided to write a collaborative reading response on the whiteboard:

And we participated in the National Mock Election -- grades K, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 voted. Did you see their "I have voted" stickers?

 And we created posters and essays in honor of those who protect us to keep us free:

Thanks to Kylee, Kamiakin, Shihiya, Taylor, and Trevor for creating our Veterans Day bulletin board for the Intermediate Hallway.  You'll see their pictures in the slice slow.


Veterans are women and men who serve in the arm forces. The Arm Forces are the Army, Navy, Air Forces, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Veterans usually join the war to protect and fight for our freedom and to bring peace to our country and other countries. On November 11 every year we honor that day because its when our veterans put down their guns at 11th hour. The soldiers for each one train for about six weeks to get in shape for whatever they are in.

We must honor all veterans by celebrating Veterans Day. We can honor the Marines by learning more about them like the way the Marines protect the country from any one who try to use weapons of mass destruction against the country. The Air force will guard the skies from terrorists or any other enemies in our country. Also the Coast Guard watches the borders or the country. I thank all of the veterans. If you don't have a relative or don't know someone that served in the military then you can go to a nearby military cemetery and honor the graves of the fallen troops. I think that we must honor all veterans because they have helped us in many different ways. Lastly if you are related to a veteran you should spend time with him/ her during Veteran Day.

Why must we honor our veterans? Well first off they are here to help us when certain people that hate our country are trying to take over it. Second , they help our country stay an independent country, the home of the free and brave and they give us our freedom. The Marines help people in our country by defending from the other countries and people that are against our country. They go to war and some lose their lives to fight for our freedom. Our freedom means so much to them that they let their blood shed in place of ours.The Navy fight out on the sea, Air Force protect us up in the sky, the Marines go on land,water,and in the sky to fight for us. They all are brave people who we all should honor. So this Veterans Day take the time out of your life to honor our veterans that served our country.

People who served in the military are also called Veterans. There are five branches of the military. The Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, The Army, The Air Force. Many men and women from across the country are fighting for our country’s safety. There have been many wars that The United states have been in. When the soldiers are at war, they see things that some people will never forget. Sometime the things that they see make them go crazy. Some of the people, after they leave the military, they drink, and do drugs, they try to forget the things they seen. The soldiers see their friends die, men screaming calling for help. Body parts blown off from the others. We must honor our veterans because they went through all those horrible moment to help protect the United States. We must honor them because they did it for us.

We all must honor the Veterans that fought to keep this country safe with its freedom and to protect the red, white and blue flag, that Terrorist want to take it down for their own right.The Air Force protects the skies and watch over us; The Marines fight for our freedom; The Army train others to fight for this country by fighting in Afghanistan to eliminate this worldwide threat; The Navy protects the coast and seas of our country and the seas of the world and to make sure that we’ll stay safe. People that honor the ones that has fought for us and gave us the right and freedom to this very day are called Veterans and they fought in past wars like World War I and World War II. Some still have days to come and teach others and little one’s about what they did in the battlefield. I honor the veterans by showing that I care about the things that they have done for us and to keep us safe from any Terrorist threats and other natural threats . How do you honor our veterans?

WE MUST HONOR ALL VETERANS. On Veterans day we honor our troops that fought in the services. For example, our Army fought in Afghanistan to for freedom. We depend on our troops to fight for our country. Soldiers endure many weeks of training to protect our flag and our country. The Army has many weeks of training before they go into war. Our Army learns how to use weapons while training.The Army, Navy, Marines, Air force protect our country. The Army is on the ground fighting. The Navy fights on the seas. The Marines go on land, sea, and air. The Air Force flies up in the air. There are many different ways the troops work in the services. For example, the men are on the front line, the women are the nurses or the helpers, and many more. We people honor the Army,Navy,Marines, and Air force on Veterans day every year on November 11th. Thank you and have a wonderful Veterans Day!!!!!

We must honor veterans, but why? We must Honor our Veterans because they fight for our freedom. They help our Country stay strong and brave. The Marines defend our country from the other countries. Yes some may die but they die happy because they know that they died for our Country the United States of America. They're the ones that give us our freedom. The Navy fight over seas they fight against the ones who dislike The United States of America. They’re the ones that make sure the sea is safe for us. So this is why we must honor our veterans November 11 th. We honor The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard because they fight for our freedom, protection, etc. We honor them by thanking them; for that we welcome them home.

Why and how do I honor your veterans? Why and how do I honor my veterans? Well I can’t console every family member, but I can say thank you. I can give respect to them. Imagine what it would be like if we had no one to fight the battles we try to forget today. We try to forget the battles, but NEVER forget who fought them. Veterans risked their own lives for us to have a joyful and happy life, while their family thinks about them, worries about them, Prays for them. So, to me they are my heroes. They are what give me pride every day because I know without them, the world would be a place where people would not like to be. To honor the veterans, I can’t shake every hand, but I can Thank them. I’m glad that at my school we have an assembly to honor them, we take away our class time to honor the veterans. Which I think is a good thing to do.

What we do to honor our veterans is by talking about it in class did you know that on November 11 is when the world war got over they put their guns down and now we honor them for what they did for our country to keep us safe with our families. We also have a veterans day assembly at are school with people in our community that was a veteran come to our school and talk about being a veteran/ what they had to do. Another way my family does to honor the Navy,Air force, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard is we go and spend time with are family/friends that was in the marine corps and army and we have a dinner with them altogether Another thing is we will go to the graveyard and we will see are family members that didn't make it :)

To honor my veterans, I can’t shake every hand or can’t put flowers on a grave. Or maybe I can’t even console every family member, just because they feel bad for what happened to the person that is gone. But I can be kind, and respectful. But after it’s all done I can say Thank you. Every once in awhile I could also think of them if it was their birthday or their own memorial. Just as long as it’s something nice to do for that person. For another nice thing to do is sometimes if you're not doing anything you could go to their grave and say a few words. I would always do something nice or respectful to honor my veterans. The 11th hour , and 11th day they would put their guns down to honor the ones that died. That would be the most respectful thing I would do to honor my veterans.

The reason we honor our veterans is because they fought for our country, they risked their lives, and they fought for freedom. On the eleventh month of the eleventh hour all of the soldiers put their guns down to stop World War One. Soldiers train for six weeks long so they can serve in the armed forces. A coast guard is a person who guard the coast. A navy force is a water force that is kind of like coast guards. Air force are the people who fly the jets and drop bombs and dog fight. Happy Veterans Day.

I honor our veterans. Each soldier endures many weeks of training to protect our flag and our country. They learn to fight in different ways, to use many weapons. The navy guards the sea. They also protect the coast, and they fight on the sea to protect from people that have guns from coming into our state. The army always defends the country that we live in and at least we know we’re free. All the six different army’s fight on ground, water, and in the air. On a special day November 11 mostly everybody stop’s to honor Veterans Day, the day that they stop having war.

Soldiers had to learn the many ways to fight and be able to not get seen.If they do they might not come home to see their friends, family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles.And they will be missed a lot but they tried their hardest for us. Each and every November 11th we honor our veterans and pray for our fallen soldiers.

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