Monday, January 23, 2012

Volunteer Honors

In the Grand Coulee Dam Area, The Star Newspaper encourages volunteerism by sponsoring a peer-reviewed campaign to honor one person others have deemed as  especially giving throughout their lives. 

This year the community voices selected our own Nespelem School Board Director,  Jeanne Moon. 

Nominated by Jolene Marchand, another Nespelem Board Director, Jeanne received recognition for her years of giving to the community not only through her forty-three years of school board work, including serving as advisor in Native American History for the Washington State School Directors Association, but also as the “go-to person” for “culture, tradition, religion and education,” says Colleen Leskinen. 

We thank Jeanne Moon for all her community work, and especially, for her continuous support of education at Nespelem School.

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